Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
Its that time of the year when 'diets ' seem to be the main topic of every conversation! I'm guilty!
I think a new year and a new start is just what I need.
A new start to dieting.. finishing projects (that seem to have been hanging around for forever) and looking forward to whatever is ahead in 2011.
So heres to 2011...

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Another lovely giveaway

This blog is fast becoming a giveaway list! But, sure its great fun!
Check out this lovely magazine..

Its the first issue of Leanne Beasley's wonderful new magazine. Looks like there could be some wonderful Spring projects in there.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Here's what happened...

Super giveaway going on over at p.s. i quilt

Dear Santa,
I'm upset. My present didn't arrive, I had asked for some Parisville fabric by Tula Pink. I think it must be hiding under the seat on your sleigh-could you check please?
love Karen

Dear Karen,
I've checked under my seat but no luck...Maybe the elves couldn't find it, by the way were you a good girl this year?
love Santa

Dear Santa,
I was a good girl this year... maybe you could send me some dottie fabric by RJR instead?
love Karen

Dear Karen,
I'll get Mrs Claus to parcel it up as soon as she finishes sewing my new quilt! ho ho ho!
love Santa.

Dear Santa,
Do you think that possibly, Mrs Claus may have, by any chance taken....couldn't resist....
no no forget I asked.
Love you Santa!
Love Karen xo

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mr Postman

Even though we have had a lot of snow, it didn't stop our postman from getting through to-day, and I am so glad he did!
Two parcels for me!
Firstly, there was a lovely parcel from Kate Spain - I won a
'Stocking Stuffer' from a recent giveaway on her blog..

Some amazing 'Fandango' flannel (gonna have to get me some more of that!), some 'Central Park' squares and a surprise package beautifully wrapped, which I don't/do want to open!

The second parcel was a quilt returned to me from Yvonne McKee - beautifully long arm quilted!

You'll have to wait to see this one on the Moda Bake Shop!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Oh no more snow

It went away..and then it came back,

Snowed in - perfect weather for sewing.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sparkly trees

I hate throwing things out, I always think that maybe it could be useful someday. Upcycled, recycled whatever. Our attic is bursting with 'you never know when it could be useful' items. I always remove buttons and zips from clothing that is being thrown out, they may have a use....sometime. I have quite a collection of old zips, all sizes and colours. Buttons aswell.

So when I imagined my sparkly trees, I though of my shiny buttons.
I made some more Christmas Trees... sparkly frosted ones this time!
Here's how I made them.
I had bought a picture in a local charity shop, I loved the picture, hated the frame. So it was removed and replaced with a shiny new one.
I painted the old frame and gave it a distressed look, I really wanted a crackle glaze finish, but ended up with this instead. Measure the inside of the frame and add 1/2" all round. Using this as a guide, piece together some scraps of cream and white fabrics - snowflakes, plain old calico - anything goes. Place a slightly larger piece of firm wadding behind the fabric.
Free machine some wavy curls on the fabric and wadding. Using a water soluble pen, draw the outline of some trianglular trees, this gives a quideline when sewing on the buttons.
Sew on the buttons.
I tried to use a variety of sizes and different shades of white and cream.
Then, when you have completed the buttons, applique on some tree trunks.
I used some scraps of dark brown tweed, just to add some more texture.
Using the back of the picture frame as a guide,
trim your fabric to fit inside the frame.
Carefully place the fabric inside the frame so there are no raw edges showing and secure back in place.
Now sit back and enjoy your recycled work of art!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Tree Winners

Thank-you to everyone who entered the Christmas Tree giveaway, I love reading all the comments and hearing about patchwork and quilting projects.
Anyway without further are the winners:

Jodi who said"Right now I'm working on a quilt for my son, but I love making and gifting table toppers/runners"

Jenn who said"My favourite decorations are lights. I've got dozens and dozens of lights on my trees and around my house"


Gill who said "My favourite decorations are those handmade - mostly by my children"

Please email me your addresses and I will race down to the
Post Office faster than Rudoplh!!

To-night I am going Carol singing with the Girl Guides - I am only a helper but am really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

O Christmas Tree

It has snowed again!
Ok, so I know its winter... but you have got to understand that normally in Northern Ireland we do get a little snow, just not this much.
It makes everything look beautiful, but driving is a problem!
Last weekend I got all the Christmas decorations out of the attic and gave the house a bit of a makeover. Kinda forgot I had so many Snowmen..
and angels!
Anyway they are all now in place and even my fabric Christmas trees have found a little spot!

Would you like to make your own Christmas Trees?

The pattern is available from my online shop. Or enter my giveaway for a chance to win a pattern (I'm giving away 3) and some beautiful Christmas fabric to make your own!

You can enter by:

1. Telling me what your favourite decorations are!

2. Become a follower of my blog, or tell me if you already are.

3.Blog about this giveaway and come back and tell me you did.

Giveaway is open until Sunday 12th December 10pm GMT.