Friday, 20 June 2014

Giant Button Tutorial

I was in Ikea one day recently and spotted these giant buttons.
Though I loved the idea - I wasn't really fussed on the colours!
So I got to thinking .... oh yes and fabric had to be invovled!
I had recently got some gorgeous Tilda fabrics into the shop and thought 
they would be ideal to cover the buttons.
Here's a quick tutorial for fabric covered Giant Buttons:
First of all  spray the two coloured buttons with white paint -
(I was afraid the bright colours would show through the fabrics) 
Cut out a circle of fabric approx. 2" bigger than the button. 
Spray the front of the button with temporary glue.
(This means you can adjust the fabric as you press it down) 
Centre the fabric on top of the button - right side up! 
Start pressing the fabric down into the centre of the button.
Try not to get any creases in the fabric. 
When the centre is completely in place, 
start pressing down the outside fabric. 
This is a little more tricky, but you can lift the fabric and readjust as necessary. 
When that's down, spray a little more glue around the underside of the button 
and  bring the fabric over the edge, so the raw edges are hidden underneath. 
The edges should fold over neatly.
(once the button is hung on the wall, no-one will see the raw edges!) 
Take a stitch ripper and make a small cross in the centre holes in the button. 

Turn the button over and press the raw edges to the underside.
(You can spray a little more glue here if needed) 
Lace some ribbon through the holes to resemble thread. 
And there you have it Giant Buttons covered in gorgeous Tilda.
My website is undergoing some renovations at the minute,
but if you would like to purchase some Tilda fabric please email me.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

It's like starting all over again (with free p&p!)

It's been sooo long,
it really is like starting a blog all over again.
I had to go to my blog history to remind myself of when I first started.
Anyway, I have a bit of catching up to do.
It's a bit scary, because I don't know if I'll be able to keep up!
I've been busy trying to start up a small patchwork shop with a website
and teaching craft classes.
I will try and recapture what I've been working on 
in the past (cough cough) months in some photos:)
 First up is a Christmas Quilt called Santa's Stable, featuring Santa's nine reindeers!
This pattern was published in Sewing World magazine prior to Christmas.
It's difficult to see, but there's a lot of hand embroidery in the borders.
Next up is a Swirly Whirly Table Runner. This was great fun to make 
and I even managed to squeeze in a workshop before Christmas.
I've been teaching this Spool Quillow at the weekly patchwork class, 
and here's my new handbag pattern- The Gatsby!
The Gatsby (by no means great!) is made using fabrics from 
the Tim Holtz collection Eclectic Elements.
(Some of these are still available on my website)

And of course there have been craft shows and talks.
So there you have it - a brief outline of what I've been up to.
Hopefully from now on I'll be able to blog a little more often - 
and catch up on some of the blogs I've been missing out on lately!
This weekend I have an offer of free p&p to UK and Ireland on my website -
please pop over and take a look!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Free shipping in UK

Busy times lately - I'm sure it's the same for everyone.
Weeks are flying by and I've found it hard to find the time to blog.
I've been busy teaching some classes, designing new patterns and trying to get my website up and going!

Here's a few I have been dying to make something with!

Some modern geometrics

some more subdued prints

and some great polka dots!
Please take a look, remember free p&p is UK only
If you are outside the UK please email me and I can work out shipping for you.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Vintage linens

Autumn has really arrived here, there's a slight chill in the air in the mornings.
Just the right time to bring out the quilts!
Although in our house they are never really put away,
always a chance you may need to snuggle under one while watching the tv.
Here's a pic of one of the things I've been working on recently.
(The others are Christmas related and will be revealed at a later date!)
A crazy patchwork cushion -
I made it from vintage linens and  cotton fabric which is from the Eden range by Nel Whatmore from Free Spirit Fabrics. (Available from my shop!)
The problem with vintage embroidered linens is that 9 times out of 10 there is a stain (which you can't shift no matter what you try!) or else Mr Moth has been there before you.
I know it seems terrible to cut these beautiful things,
but isn't better to enjoy then like this than leave them folded in a drawer?
Please don't chop up the family heirlooms -
sometimes you can pick these up at car boot or charity sales.
I was fortunate, that a friend who was clearing out a house, gave these to me.
So what do you think?
Modern fabrics and vintage linens, do they mix? 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Log cabin finish

I have been meaning to share this for a while, a log cabin finish.
I blogged about making it here, inspired by a Fons and Porter free ebook
I made this log cabin quilt.
I quilted it with a combination of free motion and straight line quilting. 
I quilted an all over flower and swirly motif in the center panel
 and then some straight lines on the white triangles at the edges.
 I even tried - for the first time ever - a feather border!
 It was very challenging - something that will take a whole lot more practice! 
 I still struggle to look at my quilting and feel happy with it.
Maybe it's not perfect, I definitely will not win any competitions for quilting!
But it feels good to make a quilt top and complete it yourself!
Do you hand quilt, machine quilt or send it to a long arm quilter?
What's your preference?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Festival of Quilts catch up and giveaway on facebook

It's that time of the year again and I'm just back form my annual outing to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. Unfortunately I didn't take very many photos, but I have a few to share with you. As usual the competition quilts did not disappoint!
I found myself looking at some of them and wondering how on earth they didn't get prizes, but hey ho, I'm not a judge! and I don't think I would like to be either!
Here are a couple of pixelated quilts that caught my eye...
No prizes for guessing WHO this is???
(Sorry, I don't have the makers name.)
Another highly pixelated pictorial quilt - try squinting at this one.
As always it was an inspirational show, and I've just about recovered today! Time to catch up on a few bees blocks that are long overdue!
And  before I sign off, pop over to facebook and find my fabric giveaway - make sure to share!  

Monday, 8 July 2013

Phew! it's warm!

Right now Ireland is basking in a heat wave!
It may be a mini one, I'm not quite sure -
but we're all enjoying it!
I'm sure it'll not last long so we better make the most of it!
Last week, in anticipation of this warm spell, I made myself a
tropical version of my Rik Rak bag.
The fabric is Cocoon by Valorie Wells, which is available in my shop!
I have also completed some blocks for my Bees:
 June Hipbees - A wonky log cabin for Lynz! 
May Modern Irish Bee - Some triangles for Anneliese!
and June Modern Irish Bee - some tumblers for Judith!
I really enjoyed making these and I'm sure there's something great in the pipeline for July!
Hope you're coping with the heat where you are - and finding a little time for sewing!