Monday, 1 October 2012

Catch up

Where did September go?? I can't believe it's October already!
Here's a few photos of bee blocks I have made this month:
Firstly, for September Hipbees, a wonky Friendship Braid for Judith - loved making this!
and would you believe it October Hipbees is done and dusted too!
A wonky star for Jan made with Denyse Schmidt fabrics. 
 and finally some scrappy star blocks for Cindy in the September Modern Irish Bee. 
I also wanted to share this t-shirt with you - in August I took my daughters to see a band from Northern Ireland called Rend Collective Experiment. 
(They're currently touring in the USA)
I spied lots of people wearing the 'sewing machine t-shirt' 
and thought it was so simple and so true!
You can find their music on You Tube.