Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Guest posting at Sew we Quilt!

Tomorrow I'm guest posting at Sew we Quilt!
Madame Samm has been running a Wantobe Quilter campaign

and I was delighted when she asked me to post my 'Hippy Square' tutorial:)
I remade my original tutorial using the fantastic Creative Grids non slip multi size triangle ruler.
Just so you know,
Madame Samm has giveaways 5 days a week up until 29th October -
well worth visiting Sew we Quilt!
To enter any of the giveaways, you need to register,
send me your name, email and phone no. and I will forward them to Madam Samm.
Your information will be held confidentially,will go no further and
will be destroyed when the campaign is over.
(you will not be able to win if you do not register with me or another participating blogger)
You also need to follow my blog and Sew we Quilt!
and leave a comment on the appropriate day-
If you are a brand new quilter, your days are Mon, Wed and Fri.
If you already are a quilter, comment on Tues and Thurs.
Oh and don't forget to mention my blog in your comment/entry, because if you win, I win too:)
Please check out this post if you want further info.
Phew! that's a lot of info:)
Don't forget..
Sew we Quilt!

Monday, 26 September 2011

I finally got my mug rugs and goodies finished for the Goodie Swap 2011,
This is the mug rug and needle keeper for partner no.2.
She had asked for something in red, white and blue.. plenty in my stash in those colours.
This is partner no.1's needle keeper, a request of aqua, pink and green...not so much green in this but I hope she likes it!
Cute balloons seems to inspire me! I'll have to make some more of those -
daughter no.1 was coveting them!
Fingers crossed now that my partners like them!
I have already received one of my goodie packages from Contented Caroline:
I had admired this mug rug when Caroline had posted
the photo on flickr, not realising it was for me!
Also included in the parcel was a covered diary,
a book mark and the most fantastic handmade card!
I can't wait to see what no.2 partner has made for me!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Blue Moon

My postman brought a very nice package today -
the new issue of Popular Patchwork.
I was very excited - guess who's quilt is on the cover?
It doesn't happen often - just once in a blue moon!
The quilt was made using a log cabin block, and long arm quilted by Yvonne McKee.

I'll make this a tuneful Thursday and share one of my favourite songs :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Mug Rug and a Giveaway winner

So the important news.....according to Mr Random No. Generator, the Creative Grids giveaway winner is....
Doina who said "I like the Rotating Cutting Mat 18" x 18""
Congratulations Doina! Email me your address and I'll post your parcel asap.

This week with the children returning to school, there is a faint glimmer of hope that maybe,
just maybe there will be more chance of some uninterrupted sewing!
I have signed up for the Fluffy Sheep Goodie Swap, for this swap I have to make a Mug Rug which is totally new to me. Here is my first attempt.
Mug Rug
After I had made it, I thought that maybe a white background wasn't the best choice if someone puts their coffee or tea on it:)
The back is a bit more practical -
Mug Rug Back
I printed some Irish town names on Irish linen, frayed the edges a little and appliqued them on to some matching floral fabric.
A little reminder to the recipient of where their Mug Rug came from! Hope she likes it!
Have you made a Mug Rug? Do you use one?