Friday, 6 August 2010

As summer flies by...

Last week we went to our local agricultural show in the Clogher Valley.
A real highlight in our farming calendar!
Not to be deterred by rain showers, we spent the day out and about....

In the craft and home industries marquee.....

Best dressed scarecrow...

I was convinced that this week that I would get lots of sewing done. Not a chance!

With the kids off school, why did I ever think I would?
(btw Toy Story 3 is fantastic!)
As the weeks fly by, my 'to do' list grows longer... and longer....

Then today the postman brought a parcel, which gave me an
added incentive to get back on track ;)
A beautiful layer cake of 'A Morris Tapestry' by Barbara Brackman and Moda
Nothing will get between me and my sewing machine next week!:D


  1. Can't wait to see what you sew up!

  2. I'm a quilter that also has a huge interest in genealogy. My great grandmother was from Clogher, Ballymagowan to be exact. What a small world the internet has made.