Thursday, 9 June 2011

Double Wedding Ring

I've been working on a Double Wedding Ring block for a workshop I'm teaching next month.
I like the bright colours in this - makes it cheery!
I made it from some scraps, and now I would like to add a couple more 'rings' to it.
Guess I'll be sorting through my scrap bin for the rest of the day!
Times like this, I wish I was organised and had my scraps sorted into colour groups!
Do you sort your scraps, or do you keep them all together?


  1. that is going to be one pretty bright DWR. I love those colors.

  2. very nice block...I don't sort scraps; and I know just what you mean now...

  3. I sort fabric scraps by color... some fabrics are hard to call tho... red-orange, blue-green... I usually put some in both bins... *lol*

  4. This looks lovely! Can't wait to see the rest of your blocks. I used to keep all my scraps in a big hat box but could never find anything. A couple of months ago I went through it and sorted them into 3 of those little storage boxes, warms, cools and neutrals. I also ironed most of them to reduce the bulk and now I have the scrap boxes out when I work and just add my scraps, its working surprisingly well for me!

  5. I love projects that use up scraps! This looks fab! I keep mine in colour order in a plastic drawer tower, well I've several towers actually! Makes life a lot easier! Jxo

  6. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It's very nice, sweet and cute,,

  7. very interested. Thanks for posting the fabric requirements early so we can gets to thinking about this one double wedding rings i think so good ....and then i want many variety it can be introduced ...good