Thursday, 25 August 2011 pattern review

Last month we were invited to a friend's wedding,
here is the happy couple John and Andrea.
The bride was beautiful.... the rain stayed away...the band played..
I had bought myself a new dress..(as nothing else fitted!)
Then, as we sat in the Church waiting for the Bride to arrive..the worst thing happened.
Nobody fainted, nobody collapsed, oh no it was worse than that.
Someone else came to the wedding wearing the same dress as me!
It was much too lovely a day to let this minor thing ruin it,
I did what was expected, I carried on regardless:)
One thing I am most certain of is, that the 'other' lady did not have the same handbag as me!
I had searched shops to find a nice handbag to match my dress,
but couldn't find anything I liked.
So I decided to make one in the same colours as my dress from a pattern by Lisa Lam.
which is the best buy ever if you like making your own handbags.
I searched Lisa's blog and found the 'Baguette Clutch Purse' pattern
which is available as a PDF download.
The pattern is laid out in point form with loads of photos which
helps explain each step of the pattern.
I decided to 'make' some fabric to match my dress, firstly I took some Angelina fibres and placed them on some black fabric. I then cut out some diamond shapes from various satin/silk type fabrics and sewed them onto the black fabric with black thread.
After that I just treated it as ordinary fabric and made it according to Lisa's pattern.
I used a silver Big Bobble Purse Frame, and added some sparkly flowers for a little more bling!
I used plain black fabric for the side panels.
And lined the bag with plain purple.
I loved making this handbag, it was just the right size to hold a small camera, purse and lippy.
My handbag was unique, even if my dress wasn't! :)


  1. Karen this is gorgeous! I hope you all enjoyed the wedding despite the dress 'disaster'!!

  2. Oh what a clever idea - and it matches perfectly. You'll just have to find another occassion to wear the dress & bag! Jxo

  3. I love that little purse. Absolutely gorgeous! May I ask where you got the hardware from?

  4. Hi Sue, I got both the pattern and the purse frame from from, Lisa has a selection of purse frames in her shop - its so hard to decide on just one!

  5. If only you had made the dress too...but the bag was a success and I'm betting at least one lady was coveting it!

  6. What a cool bag!! I love Lisa's book too, it's invaluable