Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Something new

Last week I went with a friend to the Creative Crafts Show in Belfast.
Sewing, card making, beads, cross stitch - everything was covered!
I said those famous last words:
" I'm not buying any fabric!"
Well of course, you know the story too well!
I did end up buying a little, teeny bit of fabric.
This was another purchase I made:
Oh I'm not crazy, it was not a spur of the moment decision.
I had been considering this for some time. 
In fact, ever since the Festival of Quilts last August in Birmingham, 
I had a hankering for this machine.
It arrived on Monday, and I very quickly removed it of it's packaging and got it plugged in.
Ignoring the Instruction Book, as you do :)
It was easy to get threaded and bobbin winding was not a problem.
I even managed to sew some of the 600 odd stitches 
that are programmed in to the machine! 
Next on my list is free machine quilting....
I think I'll have to go back to the instruction booklet..
just to make sure I'm following the right steps!
I'll let you know how I get on.
There's a Titanic wall hanging waiting to be quilted :)
What sort of machine do you sew on?


  1. Oh Karen, congratulations, I am lusting after one of these big time - I'm thinking big birthday coming up in a few years maybe then....I look forward to reading how you get on with it!

  2. Oh lovely! Enjoy your new baby! Jxo

  3. congrats on the new machine! the new machines are for dream sewing. i have a new huskvarna viking sapphire last year that's to die for! best part: 10 inch throat! and a steady betty since it's cords and on/off switch are in the wrong place and couldn't be set into my cabinet ... but then, i set a small closet light under the the steady betty table and had an instant, handy light table for doing applique drawing, etc.

  4. Oh! it looks fabulous! amazing machine!

  5. You are lucky! This one looks amazing. Have fun and enjoy the booklet ^^

  6. Heh, the same thing happened to me at a quilt show last September, albeit with a Brother NX2000 ;o) Have loads of fun with the new toy!

  7. Wow that is one great looking machine. Yes always read the instruction book!
    I have a Janome JF1018S

    Also I've added some new fabrics into my swap shop. If you're interested feel free to check it out =D