Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The root of my addiction - log cabin

Yep, there it is.
The one thing that got me addicted.
Hands up who's with me?
The first ever quilt I made was log cabin, and ever since that,
I've felt this need to sew pieces of fabric together and create things.
I say create 'things' - not necessarily quilts - all things fabricy.
At this stage you may expect to see a photo of my first quilt.
Not a chance!
I still have it, I still want to pick it apart and re-sew it,
but it rests undisturbed, in a forgotten corner of the attic.
Thoughts of all things log cabin came back to me when I was asked recently to review a free ebook of Log Cabin Quilt Patterns from Fons and Porter.
I have always been a fan of log cabin,
in fact one of my most treasured quilts is a log cabin design.
The Log Cabin Quilt Pattern ebook is jam packed with different ideas
and layouts for log cabin quilts.
But best of all, it give charts which state the different strip widths you need to produce different sizes of log cabin blocks.
I decided to try out a small scale 'chevron block'.
I made the quilt top using some scraps (a lot of them from this quilt),
 my blocks measure 5". 
I am really pleased with how it turned out. The border is actually
more of a raspberry red colour than the photo shows.
The ebook is not totally about log cabin, it also has a few extra
hints and tips on finishing quilts.
So if you fancy taking a new look at log cabin, this is a great place to start.
It supplies some patterns, but I think best of all, it gives you the measurements and inspiration you need to come up with your own designs.
So tell the truth, which patchwork block started your addiction? :) 


  1. Sweet quilt K. When I returned to sewing two years ago it wasn't a particular block that got me hooked. It was the vibrant colour of the fabric that is now available. Di x

  2. I have made log cabin blocks for other people but never for ME .. I keep saying I will .. but there seem to be so many others I want to make lol x The first block I ever made was the hand pieced hexigon .. still making them to-day... mostly puting them in a box until I have "enough"!! not sure how many is "enough"... or what they are going to make ... lol x I must get them out .. thanks for reminding me x

  3. Your log cabin chevron quilt is very cute. For me it was Ohio Star...totally obsessed!

  4. Stars, by crazy mom quilts! My daughter and I had to try them!

  5. Oh love this quilt top!! V clever and effective. Love a log cabin. x