Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Little things

Here in Northern Ireland the Government has introduced a tax on shopping bags.
Personally I think it's a good thing, encouraging the re-use of bags.
I have no problem remembering to put bags in the car when going shopping,
the real problem is remembering to take them into the shop with me !
 I made this shopping bag last month and appliqued a little large birdie on the front.
I added some strips of hessian for the handles which saves time and are super strong!
 To-day I made some little gift bags from some fabric scraps -
I'm sure the plastic or paper gift bags are liable for bag tax aswell?
Anyway, totally unrelated to bags, I made re-up-cycled an old...emm...whatchamecallit..
covered it with fabric and now it holds my rotary cuuter and pencils!
I had to rearrange my sewing room a little and didn't have room
 on the table anymore for my usual pot of pens!
I'm really pleased with this new holder.
Have you upcylced anything lately?


  1. I upcycled a red wool coat into a pencil case...a few posts ago on my blog.

    1. Just had a peek at it - lovely! It's a very nice shape and the black goes so well with the red felt!

  2. We don't have a tax but you are now charged for bags in most shops. It works well.

  3. I made a tote for scissors and rotary cutters from an empty two liter soda bottle. The part I cut off I used as a "jar lid" for a bag of rice. GO PINTEREST!

  4. Great totes Karen! I made some for "tax avoidance" purposes too and yep, I spend a lot of time running back tot he car for them. I need my car to sound an alarm when I'm getting out like it does if I leave the lights on!

    Love your upcycled whatchamecallit - I have something like that that holds candle, but could be useful elsewhere now that you've given me ideas. I recently repurposed some tea and coffee cannisters for holding habby supplies.

  5. LOL! I usually leave all my bags in the car too! I've recently recycled a frilly valance into an apron!! Jxo

  6. Hi Karen yes I just recycled a dress for my grandbaby from one of my dress's and she loves it...Great job on your bag and I just love the bird...have a great night...There is a pic of her dress on my blog if you care to take a peek..

  7. Great bags and I like your repurposed whatchamecallit!

  8. love your upcycled whatchamecallit.....very cute. I need something like that to hang on my wall as well.