Saturday, 26 February 2011


This is the reason my blog has been quiet...

Took a little break in Paris, freezing cold but very enjoyable!
As soon as I came home, I managed to get my Kansas Troubles Favourites quilt top sent off to be long arm quilted. I really can't wait until it comes back - I think it's always a surprise to see it again, and the
difference the quilting makes to it!
I made a New Year's resolution this year that I would practice my free motion quilting more that hasn't really happened..I'm starting again next'll be a new March resolution for me!
Anybody else need to make some new March resolutions?


  1. Pacticie free motion quiting....that is something I am working on now..I am a hand quilter; trying to learn this technique. I enjoy the litte I have done...but not good at it at practice makes perfect; they say....good luck with yurs

  2. Paris is wonderful any time of year!

    I'm practicing machine quilting on mug rugs and am getting better... not really free-motion but I'm moving slowly in that direction..