Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ulster American

We visited the Ulster American Folk Park on Sunday,
it's a museum of emigration and folk life.
Originally called the 'Mellon Folk Park', named after Thomas Mellon, founder of the Mellon Bank, who left these shores to make his fortune in America.
The current exhibition is called 'Through the Eye of a Needle' There were lovely pieces of embroidery...
"Today is short. Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow may never come.
If you have anything to do. Do it now"
..a warning to us all! some crazy patchwork.. and many other things related to sewing in the past.
Outside we enjoyed looking around all the houses.
We began our journey in Ireland, there are many traditional cottages, meeting houses, a school house, blacksmith..
Then we made our way to town and boarded the ship for America

After landing in America, we checked out the pioneer houses! Of course there were many patchwork quilts in all the cottages and cabins,
this one caught my eye
All that travelling fitted into a Sunday afternoon!
We really needed more time to look around, we'll most definitely be back.

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  1. What a neat place to visit... especially when you get to see all those quilts!