Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Nobody puts baby in a corner..

Ok, it's a line from one of my all time favourite films :)
But it has been true this past couple of weeks!
I've been working hard on a tutorial using my new GO! baby - promise!
I had made this 'hot air balloon' mug rug for the 2011 Goodie Swap
and felt inspired to make some more:)
If all goes to plan I'll be able to post the tutorial next week.
Maybe I'll put on the 'Dirty Dancing' DVD and sing along as I quilt ;)
What's your all time favourite film?


  1. Favorite movie: Rudy. And the music is just beautiful, too.
    LOVE the balloons, especially in the mug rug fabrics!

  2. found my favorit film...I could watch Dirty Dancing over and over and it!!!! and the mug rug and wallet???? How are you liking the Baby Go?? I want one so bad!!!!!

  3. I am stuck on Runaway Bride right now. I have two girls (19 and 17) who are in the middle of changing themselves for the men they think they want. I just play the proposal scene at the end a couple times for them. :)

  4. I love the Hot Air Balloon design, there's something really cheery about Hot Air Balloons - for some reason they really lift my spirits. Thank you for your kind comment on my Blog, I really appreciate it! E x

  5. Love those cute balloons! Sounds like you're having fun with your Go! Baby. It would have to be You've Got Mail for my favourite film (so far!). Jxo

  6. Favorite Movie...A Christmas Story...but I'm banned from having it in my house, as it's played way too many times.
    Movies I've Played Recently While Quilting...Live from Baghdad..The Bridesmaids (Yuck!)...John Tucker Must Die...Easy A...In the Heat of the Night...The Long Hot Summer
    Love those balloons!

  7. Ooh I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time since I was a teen again recently and just loved it! Love where you're going with that project :-) my fave films.. Well, the geek in me says the Lord of the Rings trilogy but I also love Notting Hill for no apparent reason!

  8. Such a cute project! Among my favorite films is Four Weddings and a Funeral -- my daughter and I can watch it over and over again. Ditto Notting Hill and both Bridget Jones' Diary (ies).

  9. Very cute!

    I cry every time I watch Pay it Forward! I laugh till my tummy hurts at the cupboard bit in 4 Weddings and a Funeral.

  10. The Go! Half Square finished triangle, Go! sparkle diamonds, and Go! strip cutter would be my choice.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


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