Sunday, 11 December 2011

Giveaway winner!

Well, first of all a big big big thank-you,
to everyone who entered the Accuquilt Go! baby giveaway!
Without any further ado, I know you all just want to find out..
according to Mr Random number Generator, the winner is....
Sewconsult who said "I like Accuquilt FB page."
Please email me your details and your choice of dies.


  1. Congrats Sewconsult! Merry Early Christmas!

  2. Oh, my gosh! I am just checking in to see who the lucky person was... thinking that after Christmas, I would be saving up for one. This is one heck of a Christmas gift. You can't see that I am crying right now. I am know that so many readers wanted it just as much as I did. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. Thank you Karen & Accuquilt!!!
    I'll send my info right away. OOOOOHHHH my goodness!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. Congratulations sewconsult!!!

  4. Congratulations Beckie! Enjoy your new toy! :)

  5. Congratulations, Beckie. I would be crying too. Enjoy your lovely prize! Sandy. :)

  6. She's definately on Santa's nice list! Congrats!!

  7. Thanks, Everyone. I will certainly enjoy the Go Baby. Unfortunately, my day ended on a down note when I got a call that my 91 yr old mother had fallen and was being taken to the hospital. I am sick with a respiratory virus and can't go to the hospital to be with my mother and sister. I would appreciate a prayer or 2 for our mother. She will have surgery this afternoon if all goes as planned.

  8. Congrats Beckie on winning the Go Baby.

    I hope your mom has an easy and speedy recovery. My mom broke her leg above the knee two years ago, and is finally now able to do sit-to-stands and transfers. She is also in assisted living place.

    Once you feel better yourself, and can visit your mom you will be able to really have fun with the cutter! I'll check your blog to see what you create! I was able to cut tumblers at a class - it's been really nice to be working on that project. Wish I could cut more shapes!

    : )