Monday, 12 December 2011

I won too!

I have always loved entering giveaways and competitions.
I enter them regularly.
I don't often win, but I get to read some amazing blogs.
Recently I ordered some Anna Marie Horner Loulouthi fabric from River Fabrics,
a fabulous online fabric store.
I have been admiring this fabric for a long time and now have the
perfect excuse to use it in a new project!
Then about a week later I got a lovely surprise when I won a giveaway sponsored by River Fabrics on the needles and lemons blog.
Five yards of Kona solids and a spool of aurifil thread- oh lucky me!
It's like getting a lovely present - doesn't it make you feel good?


  1. Winning is definitely fun! :)

  2. YES! I won a fat quarter drawing at my guild. The theme was BATIKS, which you may know went up in price before all other fabrics did. I won 55 fat quarters and not a single one was duplicated! YAY!

  3. Oh what lovely fabrics Karen
    The one's you sent me in your giveaway earlier this year are carefully stored for a project, hopefully next year I'll get to it

  4. Great win! I can highly recommend winning as being a great experience.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  5. Well done you! Lovely to receive this gift. Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  6. Wonderful! I have not heard of River Fabrics. I am off too check them out.

  7. Congrats K! Enjoy your lovely fabrics Jxo

  8. How can I contribute giveaway sponsored? Can anyone help me with this? Please