Monday, 30 January 2012

I'm still here...

Well I'm still here! After a long absence, I have finally found some time to blog!
I have been busy preparing for some classes I am teaching.
Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays are pretty much full to bursting
with teaching and taxiing children about!
This is the 'Hotch Potch Patch Bag' I am teaching in one class.
It can be made in two different sizes. (Pattern is available here)
I've also had the chance to teach at a local craft group and guide them
in how to use an Accuquilt GO! which they bought last year.
It's been great fun - with endless possibilties and everyone putting
some of their own ideas into different patterns.
I used this pattern from the Accuquilt website,
to applique cotton fabric and some wool felt, to make a centrepiece for a wall hanging.
I have long admired the work of Sue Spargo,
and took inspiration from her to complete the centre.
I appliqued the wool hearts on top of the cotton hearts, using embroidery thread and beads.
All I have to do now is add a border and a sleeve to hang it and it will be complete -
just in time for Valentine's Day!
Are you working on any Valentine's Day projects?


  1. Your bag looks fun to make! I like your wool centerpiece for Valentines Day, I haven't started anything yet, still trying to finish up some other projects first!

  2. Welcome back K! So glad to hear your classes are going well & that's a beautiful bag! Jxo

  3. Love the bags they look so cool. I remember making a patchwork back. It came out all wrong. Mind you this was years back. I've wised up now =D