Friday, 20 June 2014

Giant Button Tutorial

I was in Ikea one day recently and spotted these giant buttons.
Though I loved the idea - I wasn't really fussed on the colours!
So I got to thinking .... oh yes and fabric had to be invovled!
I had recently got some gorgeous Tilda fabrics into the shop and thought 
they would be ideal to cover the buttons.
Here's a quick tutorial for fabric covered Giant Buttons:
First of all  spray the two coloured buttons with white paint -
(I was afraid the bright colours would show through the fabrics) 
Cut out a circle of fabric approx. 2" bigger than the button. 
Spray the front of the button with temporary glue.
(This means you can adjust the fabric as you press it down) 
Centre the fabric on top of the button - right side up! 
Start pressing the fabric down into the centre of the button.
Try not to get any creases in the fabric. 
When the centre is completely in place, 
start pressing down the outside fabric. 
This is a little more tricky, but you can lift the fabric and readjust as necessary. 
When that's down, spray a little more glue around the underside of the button 
and  bring the fabric over the edge, so the raw edges are hidden underneath. 
The edges should fold over neatly.
(once the button is hung on the wall, no-one will see the raw edges!) 
Take a stitch ripper and make a small cross in the centre holes in the button. 

Turn the button over and press the raw edges to the underside.
(You can spray a little more glue here if needed) 
Lace some ribbon through the holes to resemble thread. 
And there you have it Giant Buttons covered in gorgeous Tilda.
My website is undergoing some renovations at the minute,
but if you would like to purchase some Tilda fabric please email me.


  1. These look wonderful. I've seen the buttons in ikea too and loved them but not the colours.

  2. At idea and they look fabulous too.

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