Thursday, 15 May 2014

It's like starting all over again (with free p&p!)

It's been sooo long,
it really is like starting a blog all over again.
I had to go to my blog history to remind myself of when I first started.
Anyway, I have a bit of catching up to do.
It's a bit scary, because I don't know if I'll be able to keep up!
I've been busy trying to start up a small patchwork shop with a website
and teaching craft classes.
I will try and recapture what I've been working on 
in the past (cough cough) months in some photos:)
 First up is a Christmas Quilt called Santa's Stable, featuring Santa's nine reindeers!
This pattern was published in Sewing World magazine prior to Christmas.
It's difficult to see, but there's a lot of hand embroidery in the borders.
Next up is a Swirly Whirly Table Runner. This was great fun to make 
and I even managed to squeeze in a workshop before Christmas.
I've been teaching this Spool Quillow at the weekly patchwork class, 
and here's my new handbag pattern- The Gatsby!
The Gatsby (by no means great!) is made using fabrics from 
the Tim Holtz collection Eclectic Elements.
(Some of these are still available on my website)

And of course there have been craft shows and talks.
So there you have it - a brief outline of what I've been up to.
Hopefully from now on I'll be able to blog a little more often - 
and catch up on some of the blogs I've been missing out on lately!
This weekend I have an offer of free p&p to UK and Ireland on my website -
please pop over and take a look!


  1. Wow congratulations with the online shop! I'm in the process of opening one too!

    1. Thanks Cherie, I must check it out, hope it goes well for you!

  2. Welcome back! Good to see you've been busy creating wonderful things! Jxo

    1. thanks Judith! it's been so long that even my comments aren't being sent to my email!x

  3. Oh you've been very busy, hope the shop is a success. I love the spools quillow too, such a good idea for a workshop.