Saturday, 11 September 2010

Autumn is on the doorstep!

We... no I'll correct that, I have been busy recently harvesting plums! We only have two plum trees, but what a crop of victoria plums. I have made jam, chutney, compote and frozen the rest. As the jam was bubbling, I was able to sew:)
I have also made several desserts which were delicious!
And now the apples are nearly ready, sadly they do not fruit in the same abundance as the plums.
But enough to make several apple tarts.
I spotted this fungi the other day, thought it was great! I don't think I've ever seen one as tall as this before. Another sign that autumn is nearly here...
Another fun guy turned up the other night!:) This guy has been around our house for quite a few years. He disappears for months on end and then comes back to party late at night!
(Sorry photo isn't great) Harry the hedgehog (as he is now known!) is normally found in the field or garden by our dog, who barks incessively at him until we go and have a look.
Finally here is a picture of what I was sewing while my jam was cooking -
I thought I deserved a new handbag after all that hard work;)

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