Monday, 6 September 2010

Basket Liner Tutorial

Here is my first ever tutorial, hopefully only the first of many! I have not given any fabric requirements for this, which I know is a bit odd, but every basket will be a different size and require different amounts of fabric. It would be best to make the template for the basket first and then from that you can measure exactly how much fabric is needed. I used Whimsy by Fig Tree & Co from Moda. Please read the tutorial before purchasing fabric!

1. Take the covers off some old magazines and line the basket with them in the shape you want your basket liner to be, I even used some remnants of wallpaper, as it is strong enough to make a good template. As you place the pieces of paper in the basket stick them together with cellotape and you will end up with a template, from which you can cut out your fabric.
2. Place the template on top of the fabric.
3. Using a ruler and water soluble pen, mark a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around the outside of the template.
4. Using the pen mark as a guide, cut out the main part of the basket liner.
5. Layer a piece of calico, wadding then the basket liner, and baste together.
6. Quilt the basket liner, I stitched in straight lines and followed the rows of writing on the fabric.
7. Take a few maore magazine covers and make some templates for the pockets. I had two different sizes - one to fit on the inside of the basket and a smaller one for the outside.
8. From the pocket templates, cut out 4 smaller size and 2 larger size from the fabric and from calico.
9. Place a pocket piece and a matching piece of calico right sides together.
10. Sew around outside using 1/4" seam, leaving a gap to turn the pocket right side out. Clip corners.
11. Turn pocket right side out and sew up gap.
12. Repeat for remaining pockets.
13. Place pockets on the basket liner and sew in place.
14. Trim off excess wadding and calico.
15. Make ties for around handles, by cutting out 4 strips of fabric 21/2" x 9". Fold ends in 1/4", then fold in long sides to meet in middle. Fold in half lengthwise to hid all raw edges, and sew along edges to secure in place.
16. Attach ties at opposite sides where the basket liner goes around the handles.
17. Make binding from 21/2" strips and attach.
Use for a picnic, carrying sewing equipment or storing all sorts of nik naks!

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