Thursday, 10 March 2011

Charley Harper Quiltalong

I have finally picked an image to use as the basis for my project,
for the Charley Harper quilt along.We have quite a few of these 'Phancy Pheathers' running about in our hedgerows, I guess thats why it appeals to me so much:)
I might end up with a row of these fellas,
but I do want to get some different textures into the project.
I have no idea what the final item will be, it is quite a tall image, so should I make it small and squish it into a cushion or should I make a really tall and skinny wallhanging?
Decisions, decisions....


  1. I love the pheasant! we have several in the garden too who come and pinch the bird seed!
    Definitely a long, skinny wallhanging

  2. Thanks for mentioning Charley Harper the other day... I did an online search and actually recognized some of his work. I wish I could join in the CH quilt along but I have a ton o' projects in the works... I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with Mr. Pheasant!