Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fabrics for Lily's Quiltalong

I've never taken part in a quiltalong before, its a whole new world!
After much consideration I have picked my fabrics for Lily's Quiltalong.

Lily's Quilts Quiltalong

These are fabrics from my stash, mostly 'Hunky Dory' by Chez Moi for Moda. There is also some dearly loved 'Darla' by Tanya Whelan and a few checks aswell. They were randomly sewn together, I'm afraid 'orderly' was thrown out the window! The background will be plain white and the centre circle will be a different print each time. It's quite quick to sew together, which is great!


  1. Lovely... the fabrics are beautiful and so cheerful! Can't wait to see more of these...

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  3. Wonderful fabric! This will make for a very happy quilt.