Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Practice makes perfect

I've just finished my latest quilt top, ready now to put the
backing and wadding together and then machine quilt...
So I'm practicing some free motion quilting...
Maybe some butterflies to echo the ones on the fabric?
Although mine are a completly different shape:D
getting more realistic...?
Maybe I'll stick with some curly wurly lines!
I do like the idea of putting a name in the quilting.
I need to practice, practice,practice!
Whats your favourite quilting motif?
Do you stick with the same one each time?


  1. I love the curly wurly lines very much... and also quilting a name in the quilt somewhere...

    I'm new to quilting and stick with straight line quilting on smaller quilts and take the larger ones to my long-arm quilter. I don't have the patience to woman-handle all that fabric and batting in, under, around, and thru my domestic sewing machine.

  2. Cute butterflies - practice does make better. I just started trying some FMQ but was overly ambitious and impatient and did NOT practice on scrap first, therefore, Jack the ripper and I will be getting reacquainted as I rip out one side of the border of my bento box quilt :-( Silly me!

  3. I'm new to FMQ. I'm doing my first "big" quilt. I do a little each day. I'm having shoulder and arm problems. I'm doing loop to loop quilting. L's and S's with loops. I'm liking it, but it's a slow process. I finally decided I'm not entering this in a quilt show, so just enjoy the process. Once I wash it I know it will look fine.

  4. At this point.....just learning FMQ..so; anything that looks like I know what I am doing is good for me...haha. it is fun though....I tend to let the speed take over ...can get scarey..lol....yours looks fine..

  5. That is so funny I just started practicing today!! And I was practicing names lol!! That is so great!!!

  6. Oooh, how soon will we see this on the BakeShop?